My mission is to offer top qualify golf instruction to beginner, intermediate and advanced players with educational drills and exercices that deliver results in a fast and easy to understand manner.


Regardless of whether you are competing, or just playing golf for fun, are you playing to the best of your ability? If you would like to play to your potential, you’ve come to the right place!

  • My Teachinggolfonline.com website provides the knowledge, educational drills and exercises to practice and improve your golf skills using proven visualization methods.

You will play better and enjoy the game a lot more.

I have been taking golf lessons for two years now and playing better then ever. I love the educational drills, they are easy to understand and they help my game a great deal. I had problems with weight transfer and now I am hitting the ball farther with less effort. Thanks and keep up the good work! :)
Pierre Roussel, Canada
Great lessons, easy to understand and very effective. You only have to practice these drills and you will see results. Thanks for all the e-mails. Learning something every time. Keep it up!
John Baxter, Canada
Thanks Claude, I thought your lesson was excellent. In many ways I prefer this format to spending time with an instructor as I can absorb the information at my own pace. Your video made it really clear to me where the problem is. I’m going to work hard on the pivot and weight transfer issues you mentioned and will send you some more footage in a week or so.

Thanks again on a great lesson.

Brenda Lane, Canada
The lesson was definitely helpful. I shot a 78 last week, which bests my all time by one stroke, and is only the second time I have broken 80. I’ll definitely spread the word about your business.

Paul Leger, Canada

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Claude LeBlanc
Member of the PGA of Canada
Teaching Golf Professional
CEO of Teachinggolfonline.com