5.0 – The Grip 

The correct golf grip is the key to a better golf swing.


 The Correct Golf Grip (Placing Hands on the Club): Learning how to place your hands on the club is the final part of a good setup and a very important one for a better golf swing. Let me show you how to properly hold the club in order to better groove your swing in the process.

The Correct Golf Grip (Part 1): If you prefer to wear a glove, you should always wear it on the top hand (left hand for right handed players). The following directions can simply be reversed for left handed players.


Where do you grip the club? As you can see from this picture, there is a gap of about 1 1/2 inches from the butt end of the club to your little finger. This will make the club feel slightly lighter and will also give you better control to achieve a correct grip.

The Left Hand: The club should pass diagonally across the lower part of the palm of your hand as illustrated in this photo. You should be holding the club with more of your fingers than with the hand itself. 


Looking Down at Your Grip: When placing your left hand on the club, you should see the first two knuckles. This insures that your hand is placed correctly and you have a correct golf grip with that hand.

The Left Thumb: When I was a junior, this was one of the best golf tip that improved my game. Your thumb should be placed slightly to the right side. This is very important because it will enable you to support the club at the top of the back swing.

To Check: To ensure that the thumb is placed correctly, you can check by placing the first two fingers of your right hand over the thumb and the grip simultaneously.

gripdrawingLeft Hand Grip Check:
If you can support the club with only the heal of the hand and the index finger, as shown, is a good indication that the club is properly placed in the left hand.

The Right Hand:  This online golf tip is probably my favorite when talking about the golf grip.

The right hand is a finger grip. Holding the club more in the fingers will promote better control and more distance as a result of generating greater club head speed. It also runs diagonally across the fingers.

The Right Crease:  The left thumb should rest snugly in the crease between the thumb pad and the heal pad of the right hand to produce a better golf swing.

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How to Place Your Hands on the Club: Where are the pressure points? Does the grip affect the direction of your shots? The grip is the only link from your body to the club. Learn how to place your hands correctly on the club. How tight should we hold the club and why is it important to keep constant pressure during the entire swing?  There are some variations to holding the club. The golfer can choose the one he/she prefers but from these preferences, similar aspects of holding the club remain the same.

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The V’s: The “V’s” formed by the thumb and forefinger of each hand should parallel each other and point slightly toward the right shoulder.