Does club selection matters when executing your chip shot?

GLOL_0029_Golf 142Which Club to Use:

How to determine club selection during your game.

You may chip with any club from a #5 Iron to a Wedge. You will use a less lofted (lower number) club the further you are from the hole.

You can see I have 5 clubs resting against my leg. I will use the more lofted club when the hole is close and as the distance from the hole increases I will drop down to a less lofted club accordingly. 

The reason for this is a smaller and more compact swing with a #7 Iron will generally be more precise than a longer swing with a Wedge in order to hit the ball the same distance. 


  • 15 feet,  I will use a Sand Wedge.

  • 25 feet, I will use a PW Iron.

  • 35 feet, I will use a #9 Iron.

  • 45 feet, I will use a #8 Iron.

  • 55+ feet, I will use a #7 Iron.

I will always try to use the same stroke for this shot so I will change clubs as the distances changes. I prefer to trust my stroke to reach the desired distance.


Your Irons or Your Putter?

When very close to the green but not on the putting surface, should you use your Iron or your Putter to make the shot?






This depends on the golfer’s preference.

Depending on the area and condition of the surface, the player might use either club.

Here are a few ways to decide what club to use: if you practice around the green take 10 shots and look at the results with a Putter, then take 10 shots and look at the results with an iron. Whichever club gives you the best overall result is the one you will most likely use in this situation.

Most people will get better results with the club they are most comfortable with. My preference is my Putter.

When I am on the fringe of the green, or close to the edge of the putting surface, I will almost always use my Putter unless conditions dictate otherwise.