Arm Actions

The Left Arm:

A golf slice is the result of blocking or not turning the hands during the downswing causing the club head to be open at impact. Just look at these 2 photos. You can see the stretching of the left arm during the backswing. This is very important and should be practiced many times for maximum results. 

Keep your left arm extended: Maintain the radius of your arc by keeping the left arm extended.

sliceUnderstanding a Golf Slice:

Let’s explain the action of the left arm. Keep your left arm fully extended but relaxed during your backswing and forward swing. Keep the radius of your left arm the same from the beginning of the swing through impact.

The left arm stays extended during the backswing while the right arm folds as the club is swung into position at the top. The right elbow should be pointed more towards the ground.

During the forwardswing, the elbow retains it’s flex as it drops close to the right hip. From this position, the right arm begins to straighten and the wrists begin to uncock due to the build up of centrifugal force bringing the clubhead into the ball at maximum speed.

Both arms are extended through the hitting area and the left arm begin to fold on the follow through.

The Motion of Your Arms:

The bigger the circle of your swing, the farther you’ll hit the ball.

Let me explain the golf path and why it has and influence on a golf slice:


When swinging the club, you’re creating 3 circles. Maximizing these circles will help you hit the ball farther and with greater accuracy.

To create a bigger circle in your swing, make sure your left arm is extended during the backswing, the downswing and part of the follow through.

The 3 Circles:

1. An outer circle. 2. An inner circle. 3. A circle within the inner circle.
Let me explain the first 2 circles as seen in these photos:

1. The outer circle is created by the path of the club head.

Imagine being in a dark room swinging a club. If we placed a light on the club head and you swung the club, the arc you would see would be the outer circle.

2.The inner circle is created by the path of your hands.

In the same dark room, if we placed a light on your hands, the arc you would see would be the inner circle.

3. Hands and wrists:

The 3rd circle is created by the turning action of your hands, wrists and forearms.This action is directly responsible for the direction and shape of your shots.

This turning (rotation) should be allowed to happen as a result of the centrifugal force generated by swinging the club. If this natural motion during the downswing is not done properly, if your blocking and not turning, the results will be a slice.

Animation of a Golf Swing:

The left arm remains fully extended until well after impact.