Ball position improves your posture and gives you a better golf swing. Placing the ball at different areas in your stance will change the trajectory of your shot. Let’s understand and learn where to place the ball in relation to your feet with all clubs.

Let’s continue with this third element: (Right handed players)

The Driver:

Position the ball slightly inside the left heel when using a #1 Wood (Driver). 

The #5 Iron: 

Position the ball about half way between your left heel and the middle of your stance when using a #5 Iron.

The Pitching Wedge:

Position the ball at the center of your stance when using a PW (Pitching Wedge).

These positions will help insure that you strike (contact) the ball at the proper point in your downswing.


There are no written laws that golf must be played with a particular technique. The player must learn to adopt what is best for him. Knowing that there is more than one way to swing a club, allows the player to develop a swing that is best suited for him/her. Where to position the ball falls into this category. Ball placement is a preference and we can only give you suggestions on where to place it. Hitting balls with different ball positions in your stance will give you an idea on which position works best for you.

When teaching golf to my students, I always suggest to place the ball at the following areas:

Full shots mean you are swinging the club to full capacity. 

1. Play the ball in front of your heel with your Driver, Woods or Long Irons #1, 2, 3, 4 when using a Tee.
Play the ball slightly back of left heel with your Middle Irons #5, 6, 7, 8.
Play the ball middle of stance with your Short Irons #9, PW, SW.