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Regardless of whether you are competing, or just playing golf for fun, you’ve come to the right place to learn this great game!





Improve YOUR Weight Transfer with this drill and improve
YOUR direction and distance!


1. Swinging with less effort is the key with proper weight transfer!

Hitting the ball far and straight with less effort is the key! We need to understand how the correct body motion will bring us to swing easyer. (Good fluid motion) This will enable you to develop greater club head speed thus ensuring more distance. Direction will also improve with less effort from the upper body.


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Direction is influenced more through the upper body and distance more through the lower body although the correct blending of both components is  necessary for optimal results. 

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Let’s start:

Transfering your weight properly is necessary to maximize your distance potential.

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Here is a great Drill to improve your motion:


Position your body as if you were addressing the ball. Place your hands on your hips. When starting your full swing, distribute your weight equally on both feet with the left foot turned slightly toward the target.

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Slide your Hips(slightly): 

Without moving your head, slide your hips toward your target, till you feel most of your weight on your left foot. Feel your right foot role towards the target keeping your heel on the ground.

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Face the Target:

Finish with almost 100% of your weight on your left foot making sure your right heel is pointing in a vertical direction. (Straight Up)
Hips and shoulders should be pointing towards your target. Notice your right shoulder will be lower than your left shoulder at the finish position. This is very important as it shows that you have maintained your posture during the entire swing.
Your head maintains the same angle it had at address…

Practicing this drill regularly will allow this mouvement to become almost second nature thus producing a better golf swing.

Let’s try to do this exercise 3 times a day for about 3 to 5 minutes. Hold the finish position for a few seconds. By holding this position, your body will become accustomed to what a good finish position feels like.

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Weight transfer drill:

This drill helps golfers to promote better weight transfer.

The left hip initiate a lateral move towards the target accompanied simultaneously by a rotation of the right hip towards the target as well. (Right handed player)

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The chair drill:

Positioning Yourself:

Place yourself 2 or 3 inches behind a chair.

The Start of Your Downswing:

Make sure you slide your hips laterally toward the chair.

The Finish Position:

The chair on the ground indicates a correct weight transfer. Finish in balance facing the target.

Animation of drill: You must move your hips laterally at the beginning of your downswing in order to knock the chair over.

Finish with 100% of your weight on the left foot at the end of your swing.

Practice this educational drill until you can consistantly knock the chair down.

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