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Regardless of whether you are competing, or just playing golf for fun, you’ve come to the right place to learn this great game!




Proper golf alignment is one of the keys to a better golf swing.

The set up will help you to acquire a better golf swing. Your first golf lesson usually consists of the basics. The first step is learning the basic golf swing which included mastering the five elements of a good set up. This will help you to create consistency in your swing.


Proper golf alignment is one of the keys to a better golf swing. If you’re not properly aligned to your target, chances are the results of your shots will be off line. Let’s look at how to line up properly.


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Let’s define these 5 elements:

As a teacher, I want my students to remember the 5 elements to a good  set up. Learn and remember the basics. If I ask you what are the 5 elements  to a good set up, you should know the answers. After you learn them, it will take seconds to check these elements before making your shot.  Learn them, and you will be on your way to playing to your potential.

1. Alignment 2. Foot Position (Stance) 3. Ball Position 4. Posture 5. The Grip

Get yourself in the Perfect Golf Position before you swing your club.

To place yourself in the perfect golf position, you must first understand the 5 elements to a good set up.

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Alignment is aiming YOUR club and body towards YOUR target. If your alignment is incorrect, the best swing in the world will not get the ball to your target.

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2- Foot Position:

Remember, you always align your club first, placing the club on the ground and than placing your hands in the correct manner.

Align your club towards the target by aiming the vertical lines on the club face parallel to an intermediate object a few feet from your club which is in line with the target. This can be a twig, a blade of grass or a divot etc.

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3- Ball Position:

Checking your alignment: 

1. Place your feet in a position you feel is parallel to the target line.

2. Place another club on the ground touching the toes of both feet.

3. Step back and look where the club is pointing. If the club is pointing parallel to your target line, you are properly aligned, otherwise make the necessary adjustments.

4. If your shots are offline, your first step in correcting the problem is to verify your alignment as indicated above.

Happy Golfing!

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Don’t forget:

Before you hit your next golf shot, remember to look at YOUR set up: Check the following:

  1. Alignment

  2. Foot Position (stance)

  3. Ball Position

  4. Posture

  5. The Grip

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