Arm Extension Drill

Helping you understand the extension of the arms during the swing.

Right Hand:

This drill will help develop the feeling of maintaining good arm extension and rotation through the hitting zone.

To be sure you understand where the toe of the club is located, this photo shows my index finger pointing to it.

GLOL_0022_Golf 149a

GLOL_0028_Golf 149b

GLOL_0038_Golf 149c

The Right Hand Drill:

While holding the club with your right hand, take the club back near the 9 o’clock position cocking your wrist to about 90 degrees and making sure the toe of the club is pointing almost straight up. On the forward swing, the arm and hand will extend and rotate through the hitting zone and somewhere near the 3 o’clock position the toe of the club should be pointing straight up again, indicating the proper release of the hand. Swing the club back and forth to familiarize yourself with the feeling of the club head releasing (rotating) in the hitting zone.

The Left Hand Drill:

Do the same drill with your left hand making sure the arm extends and rotates through the impact zone.

Weight Transfer:

For both drills, there are a slight weight transfer and rotation to the left side on the follow through proportionate to the centrifugal force (momentum) created by the effort of the swing.