Teaching golf online is the next best method on how to learn this great game. I have developed a golf program to provide all of you with the correct information needed for you to play golf.

This program is a course of approximately 20 hours on all aspects of the golf game. It includes the 5 elements of the set up, the technical aspects of the full swing, the short game, the mental side and the strategies. Let’s not forget that Ebook 5 also includes over 50 educational drills and exercises in order to prepare yourself to play the game to your full potential.

Also included, you will find our email delivery program which consist of 20 emails (20 lessons), one email (one lesson) sent every 2 days.

The Ebook 5: ”5 SWING GOLF PROGRAM” includes the following:

  • Ebook 1: The set up;

  • Ebook 2: The full swing;

  • Ebook 3: The short game;

  • Ebook 4: The mental side;

  • PDF ebook download: You can now download a PDF version of this ebook. You will also be redirected to include yourself in our email delivery program, free of charge;

  • One lesson, every 2 days sent via email, will be provided to you, until the end of the program;

  • Approximately 20 hours of golf lessons;

  • Index of Links available for quick references;

  • Table of Contents also available in order to view any lessons, at any time; and

  • Sample lessons.

     $59.95 US