Forward Swing – Hitting the Ball Farther

Do you want to hit the ball farther?
Increase your club head speed and you will hit the ball farther. Let me show you how.

90rule1An important component to a good swing is increasing your club head speed.

By understanding how to practice this concept, you will be able to generate more club head speed in the impact zone therefore giving you more distance with all clubs.

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To increase the distance of your shots, there are two elements to the swing that are necessary.

1. Proper Weight Transfer

2. The 90 degree rule

The 90 degree rule will help you hit the ball farther by increasing club head speed if done correctly. You can add speed in the impact zone during your golf swing without any additional effort. 

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90 Degree Angle:

At about 9 o’clock, your club shaft and left arm should create a 90 degree angle.

This angle should be maintained during the first part of your downswing until centrifugal force causes the hands to start to release near your right thigh. As the hands release, they will naturally rotate through the hitting zone resulting in maximum club head speed.


What you should NOT do is called casting.






Casting is a sign of a premature release of the 90 degree angle. It will reduce the ability to develop club head speed therefore, causing loss of distance. It indicates the right side over powering the left at the impact zone causing a lack of club head speed.

 90rule6The 90 Degree Drill (what you should do):

Try this drill and see the improvement in your motion. By allowing the right hand to separate during the downswing you can see how the 90 degree angle is maintained. Let the hands come together again as the club head approaches the impact zone. Practice often for your body to remember the correct motion.

Maintaining the radius of the left arm will help prevent the premature release of the right hand.

DCF 1.0The Backswing:

You can hold the club near the middle of the shaft with the right hand in order to reinforce the feeling of the 90 degree angle. 

Bring the club back until your left arm reaches about the  9 o’clock position. A 90 degree angle should be created between your left arm and shaft.

DCF 1.0The Downswing:

Keep the right hand in this position as you pull down with your left arm maintaining the 90 degree angle until your left hand approaches the right thigh. Gradually slide your right hand closer to the left as you repeat this drill until your hands are in the normal grip position.

Practice this drill often and you should see an increase in your club head speed and distance with your shots.