Leg Actions

Proper leg actions will promote better golf swing


Right Leg:

Leg actions is very important and you should understand that when the golfer makes his/her backswing, the back leg (right leg for right handed golfer) will remain flexed during the entire swing. This is very important as you practice the drill on weight transfer.

GOLF108EbDuring the Backswing:

What you should NOT do.

If your back leg straightens  during the backswing, your body will lift causing your posture to change. This can hinder the proper weight transfer potentially causing you to miss – hit your shots.

So remember, keep the back leg flexed during the entire swing (backswing, forward swing and follow through).

Animation of what your right leg should NOT do:

Make sure your right leg remains flexed during the entire motion of the golf swing. This will help with consistency and accuracy.

During the Fowardswing:

The right leg remains flexed and the left leg may straighten after impact.


The Follow Through:

The Right Leg: The right leg remains flexed.

The Left LegThe left leg may straighten.

Here is a side picture of the swing. Promoting good leg actions will also promote good weight transfer.

By practicing The Weight Transfer Drill and focusing on the actions of your legs, it will not take long before your body memorizes the proper actions. Have fun and practice these proven drills as often as possible.