Definition: The ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetitions of that movement.

If you want to accelerate your learning process, take muscle memory very seriously. To excel in any sport, the body must already know what the mind will tell it to do. For this reason, you must repeat a motion thousands of time until it is imprinted in your mind and body. 

You can practice the muscle memory drill during any part of your swing. If you want to make a change in your swing simply use the muscle memory drill to make the change.

Here is how it works:

Stop and stay at any position for a few seconds or longer and eventually, unconsciously your brain will adjust to the change. 

Here are the 4 key areas where you can practice the muscle memory drill while executing your golf swing as shown in the images above.

  1. Address position
  2. Top of backswing
  3. Before impact (making sure you feel the weight shift to your left leg)
  4. The end of the follow through (top of finish swing)

By stopping at a particular area in your swing and maintaining this position for a period of a few seconds, your body will adjust and adopt this new position. You will have to practice this drill many times in order for this new change to become muscle memory. 

Yes it works. Here is an example: When you get into your vehicle and start the engine using your key, you are positioning your arm, wrist and hand in a precise position for the key to go into the key hole. You have done this so many times that muscle memory takes over when you start your vehicle. Your hand automatically brings your key to the key hole without even thinking about it. This is called muscle memory.  

If you buy yourself another vehicle, you find yourself looking for the key hole with your key in order to start the engine. The reason for this is because the key hole may be  located in a different area. After a few days, muscle memory takes over again and the motion of placing the key in the key hole will come automatically. This is called muscle memory.
Keep in mind, the Muscle Memory Drill can be practiced in many sports including golf.