Playing in the Rain

Playing in the rain is part of the golf game. How should you swing the club? How should you prepare yourself for this element?


The most important consideration when playing in the rain is trying to keep dry.

Equipment to help you in the rain:

1. UMBRELLA: use a good golf umbrella large enough to cover yourself and your clubs when walking.

2. SHOES: good waterproof golf shoes will help you with traction on wet ground. Try to keep the soles free of any buildup of debris such as cut grass etc.

3. GLOVES: extra gloves will help keep your grip dry and enable you to better hold the club without having to squeeze too tightly causing tension in the hands and arms.

4. RAIN SUIT: a water proof rain suit should be used to keep you dry. This suit should be large enough to allow you to swing freely.

5. TOWELS: always have extra towels to dry your hands and the grip of your clubs.

6. GOLF BAG COVER: usually some type of plastic cover is used to keep your clubs dry that may even fit over the entire bag. 

7. CAP OR HAT: wear a golf cap or a hat to keep your head and glasses, if you wear any, dry.

 rain1Swinging in the rain:

Analyse your upcoming shot while under the umbrella, considering club selection and the type of shot you want to make.

If needed, use a tee or a ball mark repair tool to clean the soles of your shoes to ensure good traction.

Pay particular attention to keeping the grip of your club dry by using a dry towel if needed and by keeping the club protected as long as possible by the umbrella prior to the shots.

rain4Shots affected when playing in the rain:

Fairways: there will be less backspin when hitting in wet conditions so the ball may travel and roll farther than normal. If the ground is softer from the rain there will be less roll so you may want to use a less lofted club for more distance.

rain3Putting: when putting on a wet green, you will have to stroke the putt firmer as the green will be slower than normal. Also, the amount of breaks on a sloped green will be reduced accordingly.

rain6Sand Bunkers: the sand in the bunker will be firmer and the club will not cut as deeply, therefore, you may swing more easily than you normally would for the same distance.