The Stroke in Putting

How is your putting swing? How do you stroke the ball when putting? 

The Stroke:

Your putting swing will help you play to your potential. Let’s understand why we should use this method.
The lower hand controls the path of the club and the upper hand simply helps to stabilize the swing making the action similar to a pendulum.

Notice that the hands will travel from one leg to the other without breaking the wrists during this motion.


Use your larger muscles to stroke the ball:


Try making your stroke by using the shoulders, arms and wrists as a one unit system. The wrists should not produce a second motion. In other words, do not break the wrists during the putting stroke. 



Do not break your wrists during the motion, this will cause the putter head to move out of target or out of position or out of line and possibly will make you miss your putt.


This images shown when chipping but often done when putting as well. Try to avoid this action, do not break the wrists when putting. 

The straight back straight through drill:

 The stroke should be straight back and straight through. Place two clubs on the ground as shown in the pictures. Place a ball between them and make your stroke trying not to touch the clubs.


It takes concentration and practice but will help improve your accuracy.
This is a great drill to practice at home on a practice carpet.


The ability to hit a ball between two tees requires you to concentrate more. This will improve your overall putting stroke.