Golf Routinepre-shot-routine-a

A routine in golf for some people is something that is always done the same before, during, and after every shot.

mental1Adopting a Routine:

Having a routine will help you:

1. Improve your concentration (focus).
2. Reduce tension and become more relaxed over the shot.
3. Improve your consistency on your overall shot making.

If you adopt a routine and practice it regularly it will soon become second nature to you. Develop your own routine so you can go through the same procedures with all shots without creating any undo delay in your preparation.

routine5aPlanning your Shot:

Identify the target.

1. Check the wind: to see how it will affect the ball flight.

2. Check your lie: is the ball sitting up or is it in longer grass which may cause a flyer (longer carry due to less backspin and more roll upon landing).

3. Choose the appropriate club for the shot.

4. Visualize in your mind the end result.routine5 

shortgame3Step 1: Visualize your Shot

Visualization and a positive mental attitude are key elements to making a good shot.

 Step 2: Position your Club

Position your club head behind the ball aiming at your target.

Step 3: Position your Feet

Position your feet to the ball and assume your address position. 

Step 4: Position your hands on the club

Place your hands on the club, take a practice swing if you wish,VISUALIZE the result you want, than make your swing. This is only one example of a pre-shot routine. You may develop one that best fit your particular style and sense of rhythm. Some of the preceding steps can be done before it is your turn to play so you will take less time to play when your turn comes.

golf-putting-tw-554x300Putting Routine:

1- Place yourself behind the ball:

Determine the line of your target. 


2- Visualize your Shot:

Take a few moments to visualize and see yourself making your shot. The more you feel you will make the shot, the more you will succeed.



3- Make your Shot:

The last thought before striking the ball (think positive) is that you have made your shot.