Shoulder Turn:

Should you improve your shoulder turn to promote a better golf swing?


The shoulder turn will help you to increase your backswing therefore giving you the possibility for more distance.



rory_mcilroy_backswingThe Stretching Drill:

The bigger the radius, the bigger the arc of your swing and the farther the ball will go with less effort. How do we promote a bigger arc in your swing?

Answer: Improving the turning of your shoulders.

The muscles in your back may not be stretched enough to create the bigger arc that you need to play to your potential. If this is the case, practice this exercise many times a day for a few weeks. The stretching of the muscles in your back will enable you to keep that left arm straighter therefore maintaining the radius of your swing.





To improve the turning of your shoulders, practice these exercises:

With your right hand behind the left arm, pull the arm across the body causing the shoulder to turn therefore creating a stretch in the upper left side of the body.

This will also help the left arm to remain extended during the backswing.





90 Degrees:

From an address position, place both hands across your chest as shown. Then turn your shoulders approximately 30 degrees. Hold for a few seconds, then attempt to turn 90 degrees. Allow the hips to turn with the shoulders while maintaining the same leg flex. This exercise will help you feel the correct shoulder position at the top of your backswing.