Is the driver used properly in your game?

driver1The #1 Wood or the Driver:

The driver is the longest club in your bag with the least amount of loft on the club face and is designed to give you the greatest distance when hit properly. It is generally used when teeing off to start a hole where distance is the most important factor.

The ball is usually teed up when hitting the driver in order to give it the proper trajectory. The start of a hole is the only time that a tee can be used with any club of your choice.

teeThe Tee:

The tee can range in length from about 2 1/8 inches to about 3 3/4 inches.


 DCF 1.0

How high should I tee up the ball?

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0


Rule of Thumb:

Although there are personal preferences as to how high to tee the ball, a rule of thumb is to place the ball on the tee so that half the ball is above the top of the club head when the club is grounded.

Positioning the Ball on the Tee:

Teeing the ball higher will generally give you a higher trajectory which would be preferable with the wind at your back.

Teeing it lower would be preferred when hitting into the wind.